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About GhanaPly

Ghana Plywood Industries aims to offer plywood products under the brand of Mushak, Hellcat, Black Squad, Cubitor,Cap10, Super Brigadier, Granduro and Hijack With an unparalleled commitment towards quality, these brand has strived to adopt technologies and standards of the modern times. Be it research or quality, Ghana Plywood has set its sight on all these factors adopting the optimal production techniques in order to deliver quality plywood products making them 100% customer-centric.

Ghana Plywood is affordable , durable and offer unmatched strength and style to complement modern, urban living.

Why Choose Us

Plywood is an assembly of wood veneers (Thin layers of wood peeled from trunk logs) bonded together using resin (glue) to produce a flat sheet which is dimensionally and structurally stronger than solid wood. An extremely versatile product, plywood has its usage in a wide range of structural, interior and exterior applications – from form-work through to internal panelling. While plywood can be tailored/manufactured to suit an extensive range of applications, a normal ply panel consists of at least 3 plies and can extend up to 15 plies or more, with the wood grain in alternate plies running at right angles to each other.
Plywood can be sub-divided into four groups, depending upon specific applications

  • 1. Structural (BWP | IS 10701)
  • 2. Exterior (BWR/BWP)
  • 3. Interior (MR | IS 303)

  • 4. Marine (BWP | IS 710)

Our Team

  • Raj Kumar Nayyar

  • Rahul Nayyar

  • Abhishek Nayyar


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At Ghanaply, we strive ceaselessly to develop advanced products through the passionate pursuit of technology and processes. Delivering products that perform admirably in various special applications is our forte.