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Ghana Flush Door

A flush door has a basic structure composed of solid blockboard core, vertical stiles, and horizontal rails that create a pre-fixed frame. The blockboard is composed of wooden strips that are placed edge-to-edge and sandwiched between veneers, then bonded under high pressure and temperature using a synthetic resin.

Benefits of using Flush Doors

There are many benefits of using GhanaPly flush doors over other regular ones. GhanaPly flush doors have many other qualities that make them far superior from regular flush doors:

  • GhanaPly flush doors are stiff, impact resistance and possess high strength.
  • They can be made easily in any shape and are easy to install.
  • GhanaPly flush doors are not heavier as is the case with regular flush doors or plywood doors and can be easily installed and operated in everyday use.
  • GhanaPly flush doors are durable and have a high screw holding capacity.
  • They can be made easily in any shape and are easy to install.
  • Unlike regular flush doors, GhanaPly flush doors never warp with time. As they are made of softwood rectangular blocks on the inside.

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